La Mambita

Tango argentino

Mambita Milonga -
nette Leute, gute Musik, bester Sound & perfekter Tanzboden
... einfach schön Tango tanzen!

Jeden Do. mit DJ Florian Schwan
Jens Stuller (jeden 3. Do. im Monat)
Bettina Cabrera

Tango Berlin Style
Mix aus Tango argentino, Tango nuevo, Elektro & Non & Neotango
Eintritt: 5,- €
21:00 - ca. 0:30

100qm schwingendes Eichenparkett
der 2.te Tanzraum mit 80qm Schwingboden kann gerne zum Üben
und probieren genutzt werden.

Unser Soundsystem von PhaseLinear Audio Manufaktur
läßt ein besonderes Tango Klangerlebnis entstehen.
Die Akustik gibt Deinem Tango eine neue Dimension
und schafft eine ganz besondere Wohlfühlatmosphäre

What is Tango Berlin Style?
by Florian Schwan:
I have been dancing tango all over the world. From Buenos Aires to Beijing, from Paris to Singapore,
from London to Delhi, from New York to Moscow, from Milano to Copenhagen, from Venice to Istanbul, and so on.
Nowhere have I encountered such a variety of traditional AND innovative/alternative tango than in Berlin.
Everywhere else tango from the "Golden age" prevailed.
On the contrary in Berlin we do have a traditional argentine tango scene with the traditional style of musi c and sequence
(4 tangos, cortina, 4 tangos, cortina, 3 valses, cortina,
again 2 x 4 tangos seperated by cortina, 3 milongas, cortina
and start from the beginning).
But we also have a scene of alternative DJs that I didn't find anywhere else in the world.
Thomas Henschel, Henning und Mona Isabelle, Jens Stuller, Alexander Darda, Bettina Cabrera, myself and many others.
I think the reason may be the following: due to our history with the destructions of the war,
the Cold War and the separation followed by unification there came about a boost of innovations in all parts of economy and society.
I love Paris. But most Parisians complain that Paris is the same as it has always been since ages.
It doesn't (hardly) develope. Berlin develops.
And since tango is no museum but a living art it isn't really surprising that especially in Berlin there are many DJs and dancers who are seeking for an expansion of the limits of the historic style.
Not every electro tango, tango nuevo and non-tango is really an enrichment.
But art is trial and error, is taking risks, is searching for new shores.
And this - in my perception - is nowhere more the case than in the Berlin tango scene.
That's why I call my music Tango Berlin Style.

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